Elfie London

Last autumn I had the pleasure of working with Laura on a photo shoot for our ‘classic pyjama’ collection which we did on location in Wiltshire. We had only met through email before this and even then Laura was super organised and friendly, which made life for us so easy with planning the shoot.

On the day it was me who was late! Laura was already waiting with a huge smile which instantly made me exited for the day ahead and also most importantly the children. The photographs she took were absolutely enchanting.

She totally got (without any direction) exactly what we wanted: a vintage ethereal vibe to match the collection and house we were in. She was so patient with the kids and us madly running around changing them and keeping them happy. She made the day a fun play day and the children had the best time.

The pictures have been our most successful ever. On social media where you get direct feedback every time, I use one of hers it’s the most popular and I’m sure it’s increased the awareness of us. Both me and my partner at Elfie london have framed many of images in our homes, we loved them so much! Treasures forever!

We have stayed in touch and I cannot wait to work with her again and strongly recommended her to anyone who needed her. The more lovely images from Laura the better, whether it be our brand or another, it’s a joy to see her vision.
Victoria Roper-Curzon. Co-founder and director Elfie London

Lallee Ponchos

Laura came to my house to do a shoot of my children’s clothing brand. We had six little models – with ages ranging from 6 years old to 4 months. Laura made the entire process so flexible, flowing, seamless and easy that I had to pinch myself to remember this was a commissioned “photoshoot”. It felt like a friend coming to visit with a camera in her hand – and even then her camera was barely noticeable. The children were immediately calling out her name and beckoning her to “come and see”. As far as they were concerned, she was there to play! Laura picked up on all the details, all the gestures, all the romance and the beauty of the innocence found in the unwitting child’s movements. There wasn’t a single moment I felt compelled to step in. She managed to capture all of the natural and authentic atmosphere I hoped for – and more. Her photos tell a story by letting the stills speak for themselves. There is nothing forced nor artificial about her – and this is reflected in everything of her work. Perhaps the best way to describe our time together is by repeating what my daughter said when Laura left that day: “I think it would be nice if Laura became a part of our family”.
Emily Halban.


I asked Laura to photograph my ‘HoWl 2017 ‘ collection in March after seeing her beautiful photos on Instagram and how she captures light , purity and personality in such a natural way.

Working with Laura was such a joy , she totally understood what I wanted without many words and was very efficient. I love that Laura is so mobile on a shoot, not stuck behind a tripod but with the model, moving together with ease. I absolutely cannot wait to do another shoot with Laura , she brings my work to life in a way I only dreamed of before.
Lucie Wren

On the most beautiful autumnal day the very lovely and amazing Laura took me and my girls to some secret magical woods. We played and threw leaves around and laura took some amazing photographs of my two. So lovely to have photos that I didn’t just take on my phone and aren’t the horrible school ones that never really look like your child!
Lucy Crago

Laura’s photos of my two children are breathtaking. You would never have guessed that they were taken on a grey, October afternoon. She’s managed to capture so much of their personalities from such a short time of getting to know them. Laura’s a natural with children and I could tell that both felt instantly at ease – something that shines through in the beautiful photographs. I would urge anyone who wants the essence of their children’s personalities captured, to contact her ASAP!
Tash, Brighton.